LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – The opportunity for better vision is making its way to a city in Mexico today. A donation of more than 10,000 eyeglass frames was recently boxed and shipped by Frames For The World, the charitable foundation of eyeglass retailer National Vision, Inc. It is the first donation made by the newly formed not-for-profit.

Frames For The World collects new, quality frames from manufacturers and retailers that would be otherwise discarded. The foundation identifies eligible not-for-profit clinics in Latin America to receive them. The frames in this shipment were donated by Safilo, Kenmark, C&B Optical One, U.S. Vision and Inspecs USA.

The first donation delivered to the Adventist International Eye Society of Mexico AC, which operates in the town of Montemoreles, Mexico. It serves patients in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico.

“We’re declaring 2011 a new year of hope. Especially for people like Maria, who came to our program with no hope getting eye care. She wore old, ill-fitting frames. She had these glasses over 10 years and did not have money for new ones. We gave her an exam, then a new prescription, and now she has a brand new pair of eyeglasses. Frames for the World will be helping people, like Maria, to improve the quality of life in the local, national, and international community around the world.” Dr. Cesar Peusan, president, from Adventist International Eye Society of Mexico AC, said.

Before donations are committed, Frames For The World pre-qualifies eligible not-for-profit clinics and hospitals as to their nonprofit status, that they serve the poor, that donated frames will enhance the organization’s ability to serve the poor, and that the frames will not be sold to any for-profit or black market entity.

“We are pleased to support the efforts of the Adventist International Eye Society of Mexico AC to improve vision of patients who are unable to afford eye care,” said Reade Fahs, president and chief executive officer of National Vision and Board member of Frames For The World. “We are especially pleased by the large number of manufacturers and fellow retailers who have donated the frames that made this gift possible. It’s an excellent first step in our mission to bring low-cost, good quality frames to developing countries and to bring vision to the world’s poor.”

Manufacturers and other organizations with new frames to donate (fully tax deductible) can contact Frames For The World at