Dolce and Gabbana remains one of the most sought after brands in the world of fashion.  It’s hard to pick up a magazine or walk through a department store and NOT see something swoon-worthy from this Italian Fashion House.  Every year Dolce and Gabbana releases a show-stopping sunwear style stands out above the rest.  Not to be outdone by the other springtime eyewear we’ve been seeing, these glamorous sunglasses take the floral look to new heights.  The frames have an all over flower pattern that boasts red and yellow roses and white daisies.  The only place this delicate pattern takes a break is on the ultra modern clear ear hooks and chic cream colored inner portion on the frame.  A dark gray lens in the perfect accompaniment to these feminine sunnies.

Dolce gabbana sunwear in flowers

There is nothing that says luxury like a timeless pair or tortoise print sunglasses.  Tortoise is a classic print in eyewear and Dolce and Gabanna brilliantly mix it with floral side panels.  The amber lenses are the perfect choice to complete the cohesive look of these frames, and they also have the added bonus of providing excellent depth perception.

Dolce-Gabanna sunwear in brown

Lady in red, be prepared to meet your match with these RED-HOT designer sunglasses.  These shades were made for the daring fashionista who isn’t afraid to stand out.  The bold Red version features gradient lenses which are great for transitioning into lower light situations – an excellent choice because who would ever want to take these sunglasses off?!  The black pair is an absolute no-brainer for sunny days ahead.  Theses sunglasses are not only classy, they feature a dark lens which would be perfect for days spent outdoors at the race track, perhaps.  I would certainly pick up this batch of Dolce and Gabbanna sunwear before the 140th opening of the Kentucky Derby this May.


Dolce Gabbana sunwear in black