Geneviéve Boutique

Modern Optical International announces three new releases to its Geneviéve Boutique Collection. This popular collection boasts styles that range from flirtatious to elegant. Interesting textures, unique accents and on-trend patterns embellish contemporary silhouettes in a broad color palette. With Geneviéve Boutique, she’ll feel the power of looking her most beautiful.

Modern Optical introduces these 3 new Geneviéve Boutique styles:


Ensemble – Features: marbleized pattern, handmade zyl, spring hinges. Colors: black marble, navy marble, plum marble.


Premier – Features: striped pattern, double-laminate handmade zyl, spring hinges. Colors: black, brown, red.


Uplifting – Features: stainless steel fronts, handmade zyl temples, metal accents, silicone pads, spring hinges. Colors: matte black/gold, matte lilac/gold, matte navy/silver.

For more information on the 95 styles included in the Geneviéve Boutique Collection, click here.