Flair- Pixeled effect with custom decor

I am not one for full rimless eyewear because generally speaking they don’t enhance a person’s appearance. People tend to think they want something that ‘blends’ in and makes them look like they are not wearing glasses. Sorry to let people know, but you can still tell you are wearing glasses. Glasses are like makeup, you wear the colors and decor that enhance your hair, coloring and facial features.

That said- if I was to wear rimless eyewear I would wear an eyewear collection called Flair based in Germany. They  have color, they have ‘Tattoes’, they have different lens shapes that focus on the wearers assets. The wearer can choose between a myiad of lens shapes, colors, custom decor and special detailing. Lest you think that this is another fly by night eyeglass designer, they have been in business for over 60 years and are known for their technological advances in the use of colors on eyewear materials such as titanium and stainless steel.

The Flair collection is a full rimless collection with such a wide variety of styling for both men and women and distributed in select optical boutiques internationally. In the United States you can find a store locator at Optylux, the USA Flair Eyewear distributors.

Bejeweled and Bubbled
Tribal Look

To view the full collection of Flair Eyewear and the amazing collection of tattoed eyewear, jeweled eyewear click here


  1. Looks kinda like some of the stuff from MichelleB in France. I don’t know why the Americans aren’t doing more of this type of work.

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