The new sunglasses are unveiled in a mesmerizing colourful flow where coloured triangles, the iconic element of the sunglasses collection, play with graphic lines, as well as with round and drop silhouettes, recalling the eyewear shapes. The multiple chromatic layers of these vibrant worlds celebrate the colors of the stones embellishing the frames as well as the subtle shaded effects of the lenses, in a harmonic combination of fascinating optical effects.

Inspired by the details distinguishing the FENDI bags and accessories world, especially by the colourful studs, the Rainbow sunglasses feature ultra-flat and extra-light round or cat-eye half-rim shapes in metal, with iconic triangle-cut hard-stones blend or crystals. The delicate three-color gradient effect, beautifully enhancing the lenses, is reflected in the subtle colours of the funky animated backgrounds.

Discover the enchanting colors of Fendi Rainbow sunglasses: an engaging tribal rhythm takes the new frames into a fascinating chromatic blend, ranging from azure to violet, from pink to grey.

Fendi Rainbow v-B (0-00-12-07)_A3_300

Fendi Rainbow v-B (0-00-20-12)_A3_300

Fendi Rainbow v-B (0-00-34-01) NO GRAIN_A3_300DEF

Fendi Rainbow_300_A3



Fendi Rainbow v-B (0-00-31-10)_2_A3_300

Fendi Rainbow v-B (0-00-27-16)_2_A3_300


The FENDI Eyewear Collection is produced and distributed by Safilo Group, the fully integrated Italian eyewear creator and worldwide distributor, whose heritage in eyewear product creation and manufacturing dates back to 1878: a story of innovation and cutting-edge capabilities, the result of time, effort, skill, and dedication.

To pass on the company’s precious heritage to future generations, while modernising it for future sustainability, Safilo has established the “Eyewear Product School”, assuming its important responsibility in the industry. Product design, development, and manufacturing capabilities are at the heart of the “Safilo Eyewear Product School”, coupled with passion, craftsmanship and innovation.