No doubt about it but studded eyewear is in, not just because Lady Gaga wears it! Goths and Steampunkers were wearing studs before it became the ‘cool’ thing to wear. Felder Felder Spring Summer 2011 runway show featured studded eyewear that the average person would wear and you would ‘t be afraid to get spiked! I know you can’t see it on the video. The Sunwear was a heavier round look with studs surrounding the frame. Bold and sassy. (Closer shot here)

The designs were a party girl, flirty mix with swirling skirts (they weren’t wearing the glasses) but the Maidenform Bra look with the sunglasses, I didn’t quite get, Maidenform goes Dominatrix? I could see the suns with the leather, biker chic, Oh well, what do I know?