NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang is among three surgeons in the U.S. taking part in a government trial for a new procedure to reverse vision problems due to aging.

The surgery, scleral spacing procedure, or SSP, basically gives your eyes the flexibility they had when you were younger. The surgeon inserts a scleral expansion band that’s about the size of a grain of rice within the wall of the eye.

The band creates additional space around the lens of the eye, allowing the eye to regain its accomodative ability that is typically lost with age.

Wang estimated about 330 people nationwide will be taking part in this surgery, which is being performed for free in the trial. Wang Vision Institute is currently recruiting patients. You must be between the ages 50 and 60, had no prior eye surgeries and have no eye health issues, diseases or conditions.

Source WMSV


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