Nothing is better than reading a good book sitting at the beach, in your backyard or enjoying a pleasant relaxing cruise. The only thing beside air blowers that can ruin a good read is a lack of sunglasses. Going into winter many people are taking their snow vacations to warmer climates and forget to take their sunglasses. As a frequent traveler and someone who always has the basic necessities packed, the one item that is always packed (just in case I forget) is Sunglass Readers, always packed and ready to go.

The hard thing to find is fashionable sunglass readers, large enough to cover the eyes, no aberrations in the lens. Rons Optical has such a selection in a colorful assortment with matching case.

Mod Paisley Print
Sun Raspberry
Zebra Striped For Animal Lovers

Available from eyecare professionals, Rons Optical

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