A complaint about a website advertisement for contact lenses wrongly claiming approval by optometrists has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

L Frederikson of the New Zealand Association of Optometrists (NZAO) complained about claims made by Luxottica Retail NZ on its Contacts2Go website, saying they contained errors in fact and were misleading.

The home webpage was headed “Optometrist Approved” and the body of the ad said “Contacts2Go has been approved by optometrists…We maintain frequent contact with the optometry industry and optometrists are happy to fax through your prescription details when required…”

The complainant said optometrists generally and the optometry industry did not support Contacts2Go, as the way in which it supplied contact lenses and contact lens solutions might pose a risk of harm to some patients.

As NZAO was the only professional association for optometrists, it would expect to be included in the “optometry industry” and therefore be the recipient of “frequent contact” by Contacts2Go, he said.

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