Factory900 and Murakami Bag’s Stadio

Thanks to our friend at Eyewear Glasses, we get all sorts of information about cool new, unique eyewear from around the world. With Rob Moss, we get a better feeling about what is happening not just in the UK (where he is located) but Asia as well. From Japan, Factory900 has definitely showed us that there is more to be done with eyewear with the traditional temple. These belt temple eyeglasses might be a little uncomfortable and not for someone who is worried about their hair style, but what difference does it make if you are shaving your head.

Factory 900 Wrap In White

A sportier Star Wars look takes the wearer away from the standard type of racing eyeglasses. Showing the color in white (and available in black) is a wrap enclosure, protecting the eyes and preventing wrinkles. A warning, these may be illegal to drive in, as the temples will hinder visibility.