By now most of you have probably heard of the world renowned Été Lunettes eyewear collection – the only one of its kind, made in Italy using real feathers laminated into the design. But how many of you know the interesting story behind this unique, luxury eyewear collection?


Ete Cyr-Pernice

Key Optical Europe, maker of Été, is a dynamic young company whose owners are descendants of four generations of eyewear crafters. The tradition began in France in 1924 with Gustave Rege-Turo, Italian great-grandfather of the current generation owners, Sabrina and Brice Rege-Turo, Gustave hand-crafted his eyewear using tortoise and horn as base materials. He passed his craftsmanship on to his sons, Robert and Charles, then to his grandson Robert Claude.


Striking Black and White Feathers

These days, Été Lunettes are still constructed by hand, using cellulose acetate derived from the cotton plant, making the eyewear environmentally friendly as well as beautiful. Today, the feathers are sourced from a small factory in Tuscany which has supplied feathers to the couture fashion houses of Dior and Armani for over 40 years. Each feather is hand-placed, ensuring that no two frames are exactly alike, but are as unique as the wearer.


Marvelous Marbled Look in Brown, Tan Feathers

The Ete Collection is distributed in the United States by Optylux Group.


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