Clamant in Red

Best Image Optical is one of the most exclusive eyewear designers in the Country. Why? Because they don’t sell their product on the internet or to discount chains.  Consider this your exclusive look into the wonderful frames offered by this company.  I am going MAD for these Strapping Striped Eyeglasses in the wine color.  I sip these frames in like the finest glass of Cabernet after a long day.

Clamant in Red
Clamart in Wine

A playful twist on the striped eyewear trends are these Tangerine frames.  They have all the colors of the rainbow so feel free to wear these funky frames with just about anything.  Don’t be surprised if the glasses also leave you with a hankering for a piece of Fruit Stripes gum.  Yum!

Clamart in Tangerine Stripe

The Clamart frames in Green Stripe have to be the coolest of the cool.  Who said horizontal stripes are only for the frail? Everyone can get a piece of these highly stylistic glasses because the hinged nose cushions ensure comfort.  Say hello to your new favorite striped eyeglasses.

Clamart in Green Stripe
Clamart in Green Stripe

Distributed by Best Image Optical 


  1. I think Best Eyewear has done an outstanding job addressing the challenges of adding color in horizontal striping. Agree 100%. However, the public in the USA is not ready for so much color on the face . That be ing said, kudos to Best Eyewear for pushing the fashion envelop.

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