Modo Style 4056

Say hello to summer’s most smashing look: Orange and Black Eyewear! If you thought Orange and Black were reserved for the Fall – think again!! This supremely bold pair of Theo Fruit-O-Licious frames will have you signing the praises of this wild color composition long before your Halloween costume is picked out.  These unique rectangular shaped eyeglasses feature an all-over stripe like pattern providing texture to the frames.  The black and amber stripes on the front of the frames emulate the fur of a tiger without going too overboard with the animal print.  The exaggerated square edges and jagged brow bridge create an edgy look for eyewear enthusiasts.

Fruit-O-Licious Eyewear
Theo Fruit-O-Licious Eyewear

The runway shows always dictate this seasons trends and here we see how hand painted nails come to life with a little inspiration from the Fashion Gurus.  Monochromatic is out and fun patterns are certainly IN! A pair of sleek orange frames by Modo is just the eyewear accessory perfect to this look.  A lovely orange tone meets modernity with chrome toned wires, deeming these eyeglasses the citrus supreme.  Opposable nose cushions and reinforced ear hooks provide added comfort for a daily dose of Vitamin-SEE!


Modo Style 4056
Modo Style 4056


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