Mardi Gras is a time to let go of your inhibitions and go a little crazy! So why not do so in a crazy elaborate mask like this one? This one of a kind full coverage mask allows for complete anonymity at your Mardi Gras festivities.  Even the “hair” is provided for you with those wild snake-like colorful tendrils protruding from the top.  This mask reminds me of the head of Madusa… Only happier.  And those eyelashes.. I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t kill for those extra long top and bottom exaggerated lashes! Much like the mask itself, I cannot wipe the smile off my face when I look at this colorful masterpiece.

Crazy Eyelash Mask
Image Credit Unknown

I find this Mardi Gras mask very refreshing as it keeps the focus to purple.  Purple is one of three Mardi Gras colors and it symbolizes justice, while the green is for faith and the gold is for power.  Justice is demonstrated just fine in this beautiful hand painted mask.  I love the black swan that is painted on the asymmetric design.  A few feathers for the swan, purple garb, and a white painted face complete this Mardi Gras ensemble.

Purple and White Mask

What’s a Mardi Gras mask without a healthy does of sequins and feathers? This mask keeps the focus to the traditional Mardi Gras colors of Green, Gold, and Purple on the face portion.  The  feathers fanning out of the right side of the mask provide the real Pazzaz! I would recommend pulling your hair back and finishing with a bold lip color to complete this Mardi Gras look.

Feather Mardi Gras Mask

There is much to admire in this gold-toned Mardi Gras mask.  I love intricate design that is painted on the face, but it I can’t help but wonder what exactly it represents.  We know that Mardi Gras is a very symbolic celebration, and in this case I just can’t figure out if it is eyeballs that are being depicted, or snakes, or and octopus’ tentacles.  Perhaps I am reading too much into it and should just indulge in black lips and lined cat-eyes that have been painted with precision on this Mardi Gras mask.

Painted Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras is known to be the greatest free show on Earth, and with this awesome bronze mask, I could never argue with that statement!  This person took the grape mask to the next level by adding grape vines to the top and grape varieties around the neck.  Even more perfect is that this Mardi Gras street style look includes the traditional purple and green, which shows clever commitment.  I also heard it through the grape vine that this person is committed to their love of grapes, preferably of the fermented kind!

Grape Spirits Mardi Gras Mask