The prestigious IOFT awards were held last week during the IOFT show in Toyko, Japan. The following are the list of winners from the show. For more information on IOFT, the awards and how to enter visit IOFT.

Mens Eyewear

Grand Prix Winner

Grand Prix 2011: Lunettes Kollektion -The shape is inspired by 50s and 60s, when bold, heavy frames had their best day. The frame will be shown in three colors: classic black, Asphalt and hazel.

  • Kei Sugimoto -Titanium 3mm. Metal rubber for spring hinges
  • Asonoya Co, LTD– Made in Japan Eyewear.

Ladies Eyewear Category

Grand Prix Winner, Creative Square

Grand Prix 2011- Creative Square LTD-Timeless feminine style with distinctive hinge design, perfect balance between function and beauty.- 3D cutting on temple with simple eye-shape suit every shape of face. (The “heart shape” hinge patent pending)

  • Eye2K Ltd-
  • Munic Eyewear– Vintage look circa the Sixties.

Sunglasses and Sports Glasses Catergory

Grand Prix Winner Oswawa Tortoise Shell

Grand Prix 2011 Winner ;Faith Optic Co. LTD Dillon Luke. Comes iwht lens which looks matte but gives clear sight.

  • Eight Optic Co LTD: Cazal 80031
  • Murai Inc (Viktor and Rolf)

Luxury and High Classes Category

Grand Prix Winner- Osawa Tortoise Shell Co. LTD.

  • Sanko Kogaku Co LTD:
  • Smith and Norbu: Buffalo Horn

Functions and Technologies Category

Grand Prix Winner Megane

Grand Prix Winner 2011-Megane Bank Co. LTD– Eyewear made from recycled bottles

  • ic!Berlin- foldable, holdable glasses.
  • Eye Factory SRL– Muse Occhiali Model Urania-

Functions and Technologies Category

Grand Prix Winner; Centro Style SPA

Grand Prix- Centro Style SPA– Special frame holder in soft touch silicone material to hold and easily find glasses. The mouse is a ‘Friend”

  • Astucci International
  • Kisso Co. LTD
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