A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame:


“Vintage inspired eyewear is such a hot look in the eyewear business. However, too many eyewear designers focus vintage/retro eyewear with acetate materials. So, for ‘Ringo’ from Plume Paris Eyewear I wanted to create a unisex stainless steel metal frame without sacrificing the vintage look.”


“The ‘Ringo” comes in 3 different colors but I wanted one of them to be a colorful contrast, so I chose Olive and Purple. You see, the color Olive is such a beautiful calming color and Purple is just deep and mysterious. I remember passing through Napa Valley, California and just admiring the beautiful grape vines and their color combinations. Plus, I remember taking a vineyard tour where they also grew olive trees. When the tour guide showed me the barrel of olives, I expected to see green but what I saw was a combination of green and purple. The colors were just amazing. The olive and purple combination that I was going for were not just any combination, I wanted it the same way nature had intended it to be, beautiful lilac sunset skies, and deep purple and fresh green flora.”


“All ‘vintage’ concepts were kept in mind: round lens, round shields, thick bridge, and old-style temple patterns.”‘Ringo’ in M. Olive/Purple by Plume Paris Eyewear is inspired by vintage made in stainless steel metal. The colors chosen were Olive and Purple and were inspired by how nature intended it, beautiful lilac sunset skies, and deep purple and fresh green flora and fruits.