Eyewear Find Of The Week- Undostrail  Eyewear or Undo The Industrial. (Translated From French)

Pure functionality arrives from French Eyewear Designer, UN­DOSTRIAL. They  process sheets of surgical stainless steel, cellulose acetate or carbon fiber 1K allied t0 leather and gold to make pliable eyewear.

Compo Collection

UNDOSTRIAL responds to new material challenges with this new fashionable yet functional look in eyewear. Great for people who constantly break their glasses.

During the past four years, the brand’s aim has been to find alternative manufacturing processes to defeat the industrial mode and adopt a type of craft production.

Gant Collection With Leather

Team Undostrial handcrafts the eyewear in Paris. You can visit them in their office even..

Egg Shaped Eyewear Case

Thanks to this constant link between the material and technology characterizing it’s design, UNDOS­TRIAL is constantly changing for the sake of experi­mental research on materials, colors and shapes.

Lucas de Staël, designer and founder of UNDOSTRIAL graduated in 2004 from a high school L’ENSCI Les Ateliers. He gets his professional experience on the spectacle at EYE-DC ™, and this experience continues through the contest “Lunetiers du Jura“, where he won an award for the invention of a frame cut from a tube. Increasingly passionated by eyewear, he conducts a survey on new concepts for Cébé ™ and finally becomes an integrated designer at Face to Face ™.

In 2006, he decided to found UNDOSTRIAL with the aim to develop a collection of eyeglass frames based on his idea to integrate all elements of the frame in one piece. Thus is Collection No. 0 the result of an original and unpublished manufacturing pro­cess, whose foundations are now in favor of five new collections.

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