Jewelers, Metalsmiths, wood-workers, artists and architects have all had their hand in the design and production of eyewear. Jacqueline Lung, a jeweler created a special run of five limited edition sunglasses called Archytas. The Archytas are ‘named after Archytas of Tarentum, an ancient Greek mathematician commonly cited as the inventor of screws, in reference to the setting mechanism.


Instead of the eyewire holding the lens, floating screw keep hte round lens in place. The frame material is stainless steel.


These are not the first sunglasses that she has designed. Another industrial look called Ludwig is a liken to a bridge.


Another experiment was with concrete.. yes concrete.

Steinar Concrete Eyewer
Steinar Concrete Eyewear

Via Jacqueline Lung and Behance 

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