Eyewear and Eye Care Promotion Planned for Consumers and Media Surrounding International Vision Expo

Alexandria, VA (March 3, 2010) – With International Vision Expo East as a backdrop, The Vision Council has planned several initiatives surrounding the show to educate consumers and the media about the latest eyewear fashion trends, as well as advances in eye care and eyewear technology.

“Each year, when International Vision Expo comes to New York City, it generates buzz about eyewear and eye care,” said Ed Greene, CEO of The Vision Council. “We plan to capitalize on that buzz with unique programs designed to engage both consumers and media.”

During the week of International Vision Expo East, The Vision Council has planned the following:

  • Eyecessorize Event at Grand Central Terminal: Held in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal on Friday, March 17 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, The Vision Council will host an event for consumers asking them, “How Do You Eyecessorize?”
  • The event will utilize models to show consumers that eyewear can portray different aspects of one’s personality. Consumers will take a survey to enter to win a pair of sunglasses and a product showcase will highlight the latest trends using products submitted by The Vision Council members. Media will be invited to the event kick-off and will be pitched with survey information gathered at the event.
  • Taxi TV: On Thursday, March 18 through Saturday, March 20, 6,700 taxi cabs affiliated with ABC will run a segment on the latest trends in eyewear. The segment, “Kat’s Minute,” featuring fashion expert Katlean DeMonarchy, will include runway footage of eyewear and interviews with eyewear designers and celebrities.
  • Press Event at International Vision Expo: In conjunction with International Vision Expo, The Vision Council will host its annual press event for editors from health and fashion media outlets. Showcasing products from exhibitors, fashion editors will see the latest in eyewear trends while health editors will follow “Eyes through the Seasons” where they will hear about various vision-related issues and vision care products related to each season.

While the press event at International Vision Expo East is designed for members of the media only, all members of the optical industry are invited to the Eyecessorize event at Grand Central Station and are encouraged to keep an eye out for the Taxi TV segment as they travel around New York City.

For more information on The Vision Council’s consumer outreach, please contact Susan Martonik, The Vision Council senior manager of public relations, at (703) 740-2248 or at smartonik@thevisioncouncil.org.