ROMCO by the Dolabany Eyewear Collection in Mahogany Smoke  A Best Image Optical eyewear designer had this to say about designing the frame: ROMCO  is inspired by red and grey smoke hues, beautiful red leaves during the fall season, redwood, diagonal shapes, and gradient style gray fur.



“The idea behind the ‘Romco’ frame was to create a unisex bold frame that will enhance both casual and professional styles. Its shields and thick bridge were incorporated in its design to give it some vintage flare.”


“The gradient color goal was mahogany red and grey. The color combination reminded me of the fall season in Central Park, New York. How the autumn foliage can reach a dark red color tone is beyond me. The acetate was carefully chosen to reach a beautiful color combination between a worn type mahogany wood panels and the smoke gradient color of one of my favorite animals, the Gray wolf.”


“Romco’s shape is a basic block frame. This is my favorite shape when I ‘m focusing on gradient color tones because I can easily transition the colors. Plus, I’m a big fan of big vintage frames.”

Red Dog Image Credit