Finding glasses to fit your face could dramatically take years off of your appearance. If you want to look better and see better, then listen as the NJSOPs Dr. Kimberly Friedman visits with Gwen Owens of CN8s Your Morning to talk about choosing frames that complement your face, lifestyle and personality

7-tips for your eyeglass makeover…

  1. Start with a comprehensive eye exam
  2. Choose a frame that fit your face
  3. Complement your face shape — dont match it
  4. Make sure the bridge of the frames matches the bridge of the nose
  5. Pick frames that match your lifestyle
  6. Bring a friend for a second opinion
  7. Donate your old glasses to charity


  1. Eyeglasses are important accessories but you have to choose them carefully as the face shapes differ wrongly chosen eyeglasses may emphasize the parts that does not need to be stressed. SO be attentive and consider this:)

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