Fluid Lens Technology

Creators continue to dream up adaptive eyewear, which could help solve the worlds vision problems. The new Adlens adaptive-lens eyeglasses uses fluid to change the power of the lens as the vision gets worse or as we age.

Adlens lenses change power with the turn of a dial.
The operating principle of our patented liquid lens technology is simple. The lens is a hollow chamber with a thin, clear, strong plastic sheet stretched across inside.

The variable lens power comes from a clear, high refractive index fluid. The fluid is pumped into (or out of) the chamber between the plastic-like sheet and the lens. As the amount of oil increases, it pushes on the plastic sheet, changing its curvature. The more it curves, the more the lens power increases.

When the fluid is pumped back out, the lens curvature flattens, reducing the power. The base hard lens has a negative power, meaning that with little or no oil, objects are demagnified.

Source EyeOverheard


  1. I have another update: These glasses need much tweaking yet. I say they’re not ready for the public, and i’ll tell you why. Cool climates will blur out the edges of the lenses, it’s a problem when, all of a sudden, you cant see. Washing your car or dog? 80 degrees here and i get moisture spots all over both lenses, i mean 10 or 12 spots that will eventually dissipate. Just like when you get water spots on regular lenses, except these stay in between the two halves and 1/2 hour later they fade away. I sure am disappointed. I had to drive home the other night without them on, very hard to keep them from hazing.

  2. Excellent customer support from Elizabeth in Boston. We spoke on the phone monday and i recieved my replacement glasses today! She enclosed a return pre-paid UPS sticker for my defective pair. Now that’s great service and trust.

  3. An update on my new Hemisphere’s, and i’m sure the company will swap these out. Temps below 50 F will blur out the edges of the lenses. There is a tear drop shaped blur that forms at the top of the right eye. The longer your out in the cool, the worse thet get. After returning inside, it takes 3 minutes for the lenses to clear. I will update when Adlens contacts me.

  4. I just recieved my pair of Adlens Hemisphere adjustables and they work good, except for the fact that they are ONE TIME adjustable. Unless you leave in the adjusters on each end. I did not know that, the instructions dont mention it.. Once you remove them, they are set and you are unable to re-adjust.

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