Source TrenddelaCreme

I discovered sleep masks about 5 years ago and now I never travel without a sleep mask. Most sleep masks are fairly boring, but Trend Del La Creme pulled together a whimsical collection of sleep masks, that can be fun to wear as well as help you get needed sleep.


Open Eye Sleep Mask by Lovely Art

Panda Sleep Mask

Panda Sleep Mask ~ Shuteye Sleep Mask

Cat Eye Sunglasses Sleep Mask

eyeglass sleep masks

Napoleon Dynamite Sleep Mask ~ ‘Dead Tired’ Sleep Mask

‘Sunglasses at Night’ Sleep Mask

breakfash at Tiffanys

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask ~ Google Eyes Sleep Mask

Eyelashes Sleep Mask by Lovely Art

Cat and dog

Cat & Dog Eye Pillows ~ Cheetah Sleep Mask

strawberryjim barbie sleep mask

Barbie Sleep Mask by Strawberry J