The ewooden eyewear site is in Italian, so here it is via google translate: No tree is felled, the entire line of eyewear EWOODEN is made using renewable matrix materials, polymers and reclaimed wood flour from scraps. Refined design, eco-friendly materials and a clear style. Everything blends to obtain a brilliant and unique.  Sustainability is the watchword, this is the strong inspiration of E-wooden: the first line of glasses made ​​entirely Plasticwood. Lightweight, eco-friendly, contemporary.

Style 4lady
Style 4lady

The Plasticwood being a thermoplastic material and is hypoallergenic vegetable breathable , does not cause sweating like normal plastic frames and matching to the resins allows to obtain a product lightweight but at the same time of easy calibration .


The Woodenplastic composit is a product made from virgin plastic material or , alternatively, recycled plastic material . Historically, this material comes in the Scandinavian countries in the second half of the eighties , however , has its greatest development in the United States where the market in the second half of the 90s has experienced rapid growth .

Style KeyBridge
Style KeyBridge

The materials obtained are equal or similar to wood, but with greater performance , because they are mainly used to replace the wood products .

As most of the plastic polymers , and thus on products thermoplastic matrix composite materials , the products are offered to obtain :

– Increased resistance to corrosion

– A small value of water absorption

– A final appearance comparable to that typical of the wood

– A plurality of color obtainable thanks to the thermoplastic matrix of the base

EWOODEN is the first line of occhialieco Friendly aimed at ensuring the protection of the environment through three key aspects :

– Raw materials: use matrix materials renewable and regenerated polymers for the creation of the composite which is in turn 100% recyclable ;

– Production : In the production phase each waste is reused for the creation of another composite ;

– No tree is felled . All the wood flour used in the stages of production comes from scraps analyzed and selected carefully .
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