By Emily Tait via Contact Lenses Co. uk

Contact lenses would be among Eva Green`s five desert island staples, it has been revealed.

Eva Green in Casino Royale

When asked by the Times what items she would take with her if she was going to be stranded on an island, the actress said “lots of contact lenses“, in addition to factor 50 sun cream, a copy of Wagner`s Tristan und Isolde, all of Stefan Zweig`s novels and a treat in the form of some Penfold Grange wine.

Wearing contact lenses rather than glasses means that Eva can show off the statement smoky eye makeup, which she revealed is one of her signature looks.

The Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace star also revealed that she often relies on her trusty sunglasses to help her blend in with the crowd, telling the newspaper that she combines them with hats and scarves when she wants to escape the paparazzi.