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PixelOptics: The Countdown Begins for emPower! PixelOptics formally announces phased launch approach for world’s first electronic focusing eyewear

PixelOptics formally announced the countdown to its phased launch of emPower!, the world’s first electronic focusing eyewear, at the International Vision Expo & Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

In March 2010, PixelOptics announced its North American commercialization partners for the product to help bring emPower! to market in early 2011.

“This national industry meeting was the perfect time to announce our official countdown to launch,” says Larry Rodriguez, SVP Global Sales and Marketing. “We are continuing our commercialization launch in a very disciplined and methodical manner over the next 12 to 18 months. This approach assures that emPower!, the first of a new category in eyewear, will be launched with the focus, discipline, and dedication to excellence that the industry expects. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring an industry changing product forward. Our approach to commercialization will be carefully planned and coordinated with our partners to assure emPower! delivers to patients an exciting and rewarding experience.”

PixelOptics’ commercialization launch comes in distinct phases which will include:
•         Clinical testing
•         Market research
•         Brand development
•         Channel distribution development and enablement
•         emPower! partner training
•         Pre-selling of Eye Care Practitioner (ECP) Dealership Agreements
•         Identification of ECP kick-off sites
•         A regional rollout via a 64-city road show tour of technical and sales training events
•         emPower! consumer displays and frame placements
•         On-going webinars and monthly technical /sales training events for ECP’s.

The Phased Rollout Launch approach will be used in both the US and International Markets.

“Many of our Commercialization Launch Phases run in parallel,” says Rodriguez. “We are currently market testing at the ECP Level and Consumer level while at the same time our agencies are developing the trade and consumer branding strategy for emPower! Our executive team is regularly meeting with industry executives across the country to develop our emPower! Channel Distribution Network. These meetings will continue into 2011 as PixelOptics enables Certified emPower! labs across the U.S.”

The pre-selling of Certified ECP emPower! Dealership Agreements will begin as early as Vision Expo West.

“We strongly believe this to be one of the best organized and disciplined launches the industry has ever seen, which should be expected for a product that may change the way the eye care market thinks about eye care correction.”

“I am so proud of the PixelOptics team,” says Ron Blum, O.D. CEO and Founder of PixelOptics. “This is a dream that we have been waiting on for many, many years. We are now working through preparation phases for the commercialization of emPower.  This march through the phased launch of commercialization launch will continue through last half of 2010 and continue into 2011 with patients wearing emPower in 2011 both in the United States and worldwide. This is a dream come true!”

For more information about PixelOptics, visit http://www.pixeloptics.com.

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