We posted about new wood eyewear company  Proof Eyewear back in December, when they were just getting going- it is official (see below press release) they are open for business.

PROOF SUSTAINABLE WOOD EYEWEAR LAUNCHES ITS FIRST LINE OF EYEWEAR FOR THE PUBLIC “Fresh from our sustainable forests and into your hands.”

(Boise, ID) — Here at Proof we have been at it for months, designing and testing prototypes of shades that have the power to make a change in the world we live in. We now offer four models: The Buds, The Boise, The Birds, and The Cake. All of which are uni-sex, besides The Cake model, which is a little something more for the ladies.

All models come in three different wood species that are all harvested from sustainable sources. They are ebony, zebrawood, and bamboo. Different wood species and grains in each frame make every pair of shades unique; there are no two pairs alike. To make your shades even more unique to your style, we offer a few different lens options: a non-polarized fade lens, polarized lens, and two mirrored finishes (fools gold, indigo). Because these are made of wood, they sit very comfortably and light on the face.

Bamboo is one of the lightest and strongest wood species available. It has been used in everything from fishing poles to bike frames because of its strength-to-weight ratio. A pair of Proofs will be the lightest full-framed sunglasses that you will ever own. All frames in the current line up have a patented-treated coating to protect the wood from sweat, water, etc. All frames include wire spring-hinged temples for a great fit, no matter what your head size. All frames can be purchased on our website (www.iwantproof.com).

Proof’s founder, Brooks Dame, says, “We strive to look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible. Being a small company allows us to do things that bigger companies can’t or won’t do. We feel there are small things we can do in order to affect bigger things and make people conscious of things they can also do.”

About Proof

Proof was started in a garage in 2010 by three brothers. The brothers started out wanting to make bamboo ski poles and then turned to making bamboo eyewear, which then expanded to include other species of wood and all kinds of lenses and tints. Sustainability is a key component in Proof’s DNA. We only use wood species that are harvested in a sustainable manner and won’t adversely impact the environment. We offer a sunglass-recycling program and even our packaging is eco-friendly. We strive to look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible. Proof also thinks that good business and social endeavors aren’t mutually exclusive. They should actually be equal partners. To this end, Proof has made a commitment to support worthwhile causes. Proof has partnered with an eye clinic in India that performs sight-giving surgeries to those who can’t afford it. Proof will donate a large portion of each sale to this cause.

For more information about Proof Sustainable Wood Eyewear, please visit:

Twitter: @iwantproof

Blog: www.iwantproof.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ProofEyewear