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I was on the site Optilase Eye Clinic reading about all the reasons to have Laser Eye Surgery. One thing that they didn’t bring up was that Lasik Surgery might be a more eco-friendly option. As we approach Earth Day on April 22, many of us might be thinking about greening their lifestyle.  For those of us who are concerned about the environmental impact of their vision maybe it is something that we should consider?

Much has been written about which is more eco friendly eyeglasses vs contact lenses, but there is very little written about Lasik Surgery. Lasers are relatively clean aside from the cost of production of the actual laser and running it daily. They last for years and save thousands of people’s sight. What can be more eco friendly than that?

When you look at the waste figures below, it gets one to thinking. When you have Lasik, you don’t eliminate the need for great quality UV protective sunglasses and you might need readers now and then. You also should have your annual preventive health eye exam.. what you don’t need is new eyeglasses and or contact lenses daily, monthly or yearly.  That is true greening and saving. Lest

Contact Lenses:

  • 953 Grams or (2.1 Pounds) of Plastic 730 Daily Disposble Contact lens/Year which are non -biodegradeable.
  • 549 Grams of Plastic (1.2 pounds) (12 months) of Monthly Lenses which are non-biodegradeble .
  • More that 30 Million people wear contact lenses just in the USA. How much trash does that generate?


  • 120 Grams Lenses (.3 pounds) for 2 lenses
  • 120 Grams of eyeglasses (.2 pounds) for eyeglass lenses.
  • Eyeglasses can be recycled, but only about 50% of old eyeglasses are recycled or donated. What happens to the rest of the over 30 Million pair of eyeglasses sold in the USA? Most of this eyewear does not biodegrade.

Each pair of glasses and each optical lens come packaged in cardboard, foam and plastic sleeves. Add in eyeglass retainers, cases, cleaning cloths, lens cleaners and more packaging. Plus, the shipping. The environmental cost adds up.

For those of us that are Eyewear Fashionista’s, take heart.. the sunglasses available today are absolutely stunning and we can indulge ourselves with different types of sunglasses to go with fashion statements as well as sports performance.





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