Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA – the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology – is proud to introduce “Bio-CA with Real Gold”, a new technology concept that combines OKIA’s Bio-CA with edible real gold.

Bio-CA with Real Gold

Bio-CA – a biopolymer deriving from renewable resources – is phthalate-free and 100% biodegradable in 70-100 days, thus offering a frame material alternative that helps the environment while keeping the same mechanical properties and pleasant silky touch of traditional CA.


OKIA has decided to further enhance the value of Bio-CA mixing it with something truly special: a precious real gold approved by FDA that makes Bio-CA even more eco-friendly. The gold applied inside the frame, indeed, is an edible gold 100% health friendly. Gold, synonymous with opulence and refinement, becomes the protagonist of the frame creating an enviable sparkling look, expression of the purest elegance and sophistication.

While eco-friendly eyewear products usually come in limited colour selections, “Bio-CA with Real Gold” by OKIA brightens up thanks to the exquisite feel and touch of gold allowed by the patented HDA® Technology. The result is a perfect mix of glamour and environmental sustainability, a magnificent and brilliant eyewear that will make each woman’s style intensely feminine.