In the year 2012 Giovanni Sommavilla and Umberto Valentini, both driven by their long personal experience in the area of production and commercialisation of spectacle frames, gave birth to the brand EBlock a mono-concept collection that is based on the revolutionary and patent lens locking system called Easy Block.

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EBlock Eyewear

EBlock Glitter Eyewear

Eblock exists thanks to the competence and the expertise of SOM Eyewear, a company based in Cadore – in the heart of the spectacle production district – that in 40 years of activity has been able to distinguish itself on the market by developing competence in the field of technology and project planning. It is this level of competency that makes this company a reference point for high quality production in the sector.

The authenticity of the EBlock design, its innovative construction and the quality of the engaged materials define the very basics of a manufactural process that includes all the positive values of a product “Made in Italy”.

The Easy Block – exclusive patent of SOM Eyewear – is a revolutionary locking system that makes the process of locking the lenses easy and safe. The optician can in fact secure the lenses with a programmed tension that will not damage them, neither in the assembly phase nor in the case of interventions requested by its wearer later on. It is easy and fast to change the lenses because EBlock uses a special key combined with a precision metallic spacer that locks the block instead of a screw and adjusts the closing of the eye rim. Only a licensed retailer is able to mount lenses on an EBlock frame: a guaranty that this process is executed securely, precisely and professionally.


Design, colour and engaged materials melt together in every single EBlock frame giving birth to a collection of spectacle frames that are characterized by their unique technology and their recognizable Easy Block cube, the distinctive element of the brand.

EBlock frames – both available for men and women – can be made completely out of metal (collections Original and Side) or out of a combination of metal and acetate (B-Side collection). In the first case the frames are cut out of metal plates with millimetric precision which is essential for the perfect functioning of the locking system Easy Block. A part from being non-allergic, the engaged metal is particularly light weight and allows colouring by electroplated coating which guaranties maximum duration and resistance of the finishing.

Eblock combines a top quality Mazzucchellian acetate frame with a metal one to give birth to an optical frame collection in which the exclusive Easy Block locking system presents itself in new and elegant material combinations. The acetate is used either on the complete front piece or on just the top rim for a revival of the style of the 80ies. Sophisticated colour schemes come together in models with a bridge made out of steel or brass and provide these precious frames with an even more expressive personality.

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