Dry eyes can result in a decreased ability to perform daily activities that have an impact on the quality of life.

The journal Eye published the Singapore Malay Eye Study that assessed symptoms of dry eye on a population-based survey of 3,280 adults aged 40 through 79.

The assessment included questions of feeling of dryness, grittiness, burning sensation, redness, crusting of lashes and tendency to close the eyes.

The study participants were interviewed using a supplementary questionnaire consisting of 11 questions on vision-related daily living activities that are relevant to the local population of both genders and including near, intermediate and distance visual acuity, and contrast sensitivity.

The assessment also included difficulties in activities such as navigating stairs, reading road signs, recognizing friends, watching television, reading newspapers and small print, driving at night, driving during daytime, cooking, playing chess/cards, and filling out forms.

Symptomatic dry eye was found to be significantly associated with difficulty in performing seven out of 11 vision-related daily activities evaluated.

It’s interesting to note that the study found almost no gender difference among participants who experienced difficulty in reading road signs day or night (9 percent in men vs. 13 percent in women).

Overall, more men drove at night than women; however, a greater proportion of females (31 percent of those who drove at night) experienced night driving difficulties compared with men.

Ellen Troyer with Spencer Thornton, MD, and the Biosyntrx staff

PEARL: Symptomatic dry eye seems to have a significant impact of quality of life even in people with good vision.

Three obvious questions:

1. Does visual acuity vary with dry eye symptomatology due to inconsistent tear film stability?

2. Is undertreatment of dry eye symptomatology interfering with quality of life?

3. Do many patients self-treat dry eye symptoms with drug store drops that could be harming their eyes?

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