Thousands of eyeglasses sit in drawers of no use to anyone. Readers, sunglasses and old eyewear are greatly needed not only in places as Haiti or Chile, but throughout the world. What to do with them? Donate them to one of the following organizations. You can usually find a donation box in a local optician or optometrist office or call the local Lions Club to find the closest location.

Eye Can’t Believe It

  • World Health estimated that 1 Billion people around the world could benefit from corrective eyewear
  • Many of these people are in developing nations; to afford the specs, it may take them three months’ wages
  • About 10 percent of them are children (note to self: our future). Sight is a valuable tool to increase environmental awareness, and there is a solution.
  • Over 4 million pairs of eyeglasses are thrown away each year in North America.
  • 50% of children in institutions for the blind in Africa would be able to read normal or large print if they had eyeglasses

Donate Now

  • Lions Club
  • Unite For Site-

Lions Club Locations (for more locations and further info go to Lions Club

  • Northwest Lions Recycling Center




  • Lions Club- Midland Texas Each year, the Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center supplies 60-80 missions sponsored by church groups, physicians and other organizations with used eyeglasses. The center also supplies eyeglasses for permanent distribution centers in the Republic of Ghana, Nigeria and Brazil.


  • Lions Club- Roanoake, VA . On an average month we process between 8 to 10 thousand pair of eyeglasses.
  • Lions Club Recycling Center- Northern Virginia Since its inception in 1998, the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia has sent over 625,00 pairs of glasses to vision-impaired people around the globe:  that is over 625,000 children who can now read in school and adults who have the eyesight to lead normal, productive lives.