Say-oH Handcrafted Japanese Eyewear brings neoclassical designs, wearable, honest, with a personality. Pieces in which you can feel the craftsmanship.  Oh yeah, and a touch of smile to finish it off. Say-oH strives for the true original meaning of the Japanese word “IKI”.  Simply put, chic unpretentious natural beauty. Feel the craftsmanship and care, put them on, change the way you see and are seen, we hope it makes you and those around you say “oH!”.

The Mimi by Say-oH

Say-oH has created a frame for Rover and Human alike. Called “The Mimi” this frame is bright and bold in a retching red. Quite the fashion statement for man’s best friend. “The Mimi” is available for both K9 and human wearers.

Mimi the Boxer wearing The Mimi by Say-oH

For a peek at the Say Woof Collection, click here.

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