Entering the market as a leader in modern style, eyewear style 4303 from OG Eyewear embodies pure delicacy through its luminescent presence. With rich designer details, a noteworthy vellum inlay, and an intricate designed bridge, the 4303 is truly divine. This desirable metal is a classic cat -eye shape with inlaid textured p anele of luminous shell- like, wooden and striped patterns.

OGI Abalone Frames
Abalone pearl/sea green,


OGI Eyewear in Abalone

OGI Eyewear in Purple
Stardust ribbon/purple

OGI Eyewear in Purple copy

OGI Eyewear in Rust
Golden walnut/peru,

OGI Eyewear in Rust  copy

OGI Eyewear
Twilight streamer/burgundy.

OGI Eyewear  copy

Via OGI Eyewear 


  1. Hi, I am interested in buying the abalone Pearl/sea green frames.How much are they and how do I order them? Thanks in advance.

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