As we approach the holiday season, one of the best gifts that one can give kids is the gift of sight and the gift of new eyewear. Fun eyewear comes in all sizes for all ages, like the Dilli Dalli ‘s Pediatric Eyewear. Dilli Dilli has what they call intelliFlex™ Soft Touch, meaning it is comfortable and easy for kids to wear. Each frame includes an adjustable nylon breakaway safety strap that matches the color of the frame.

The eyewear comes in fun and delicious colors that kids want to wear, always a good thing to keep eyewear on the face.

New style Sprinkles is a unisex style featuring a square eye shape. Note the spring’ hinge.

Sprinkles in Navy


Sprinkles in Watermelon
Sprinkles in Violet
Sprinkle in Cobalt Blue

Cutie Pie, featuring an adorable butterfly eye shape, is the first style in the IntelliFlex™ Soft Touch collection designed specifically for girls

Cutie Pie in SkyBlue
Cutie Pie in Raspberry
Cutie Pie in Eggplant
Cutie Pie in Black

Via Clearvision Optical 

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