April is Earth Month as opposed to Earth Day (April 22). This month we are going to feature Sustainable Shades and Eyewear. Over the years we have seen many Eco Friendly Eyewear companies come and go, because quite frankly it is a hard business and it take dedication to stay focussed on Sustainability.

One company who started out in 2013 and is still in business is Dick Moby Based in the Netherlands, Dick Moby claims to hate plastic pollution, which is why their eyewear is recycled plastic and now they can claim a 97% recycled eyeglass frame. They use two types of material: Mazzuccchelli acetate waste into their black frames and Bio Based plastic for their colored frames.

Dick Moby-Recycled Acetate

Dick Moby-Biobased

To top it off, their microfiber cleaning clothes are from reclaimed PET bottles and their leather eyeglass cases are from recycled leather.



We say kudos to them and wish them well in the fight to end plastic pollution.

Via Dick Moby