WearLite and Prost Boucle present a brand new innovation at the Baselworld trade fair Ophthalmic lenses with incorporated diamonds and jewels – this luxurious fantasy has now become a reality. WearLite, a Swiss company which produces ophthalmic lenses, has launched onto the market DiamondFusion, an innovative and brand new product. Set in a luxury frame made by Prost Boucle, the product is currently being presented at the Baselworld trade fair.


Treasures should be kept behind glass. The Swiss company WearLite has imbued this basic principle with new meaning; in the production of its newest product DiamondFusion, the Swiss SME moulds jewels and diamonds straight into ophthalmic lenses. This alternative to the common practice of affixing jewels to the surface of the lens is unique in the industry.


The procedure includes meticulous work by hand, and is based on a further development of WearLite’s typical casting technology. For years, the company has been casting ophthalmic lenses at their plant in Cham, rather than milling and grinding the lenses in the traditional fashion. The process not only uses less material and water, but is also energy-saving. This sustainable and innovative manufacturing method is unique in Switzerland. For the launch of their luxurious ornamental lenses, WearLite is relying on cooperations with jewellers.

Together with the old and respected Geneva-based company Prost-Boucle, the first prestige glasses have now been developed. Like all other glasses designed by this traditional jeweller, this model is also made purely of 18 carat gold; WearLite’s DiamondFusion ophthalmic lenses turn in into a highlight in the extravagant range.

The elegant creation will be presented for the first time at this year’s Baselworld, from 27th March to 3rd April, in hall 2.0, stand V09. This is the world’s most important trade fair for watches and jewelry, attracting more than 100,000 professionals from all around the globe.

About WearLite

WearLite is a Swiss manufacturer of premium quality ophthalmic lenses, and is based in Cham. The SME has developed its own technique for casting ophthalmic lenses in a single step, thus reducing the amount of materials, energy and water needed for the process. The company has its own online shop which offers a range of glasses and sunglasses from renowned brands and exclusive manufacturers. All, of course, made with WearLite’s perfectly cast ophthalmic lenses. www.wearlite.com