Many years ago in 2010 we wrote about a company called Meteor Eyewear that was carving out a niche in luxury goods sector with buffalo horn eyewear. Recently I heard from Justin Montgomery, who knows of my love of totally whacked out eyewear. He sent me an image of this pair of eyeglasses made with Mazzucchelli acetate. The lashes are 8mm thick and are detachable. You can also use this as a comb. Nothing like a little dual functionality.

Justin Montgomery calls this artistic eyewear Lashes in Castle! You can see how it gets it’s name.

Meteor Eyewear

He sent me another style called Hootanna, also with detachable brow pieces. I wonder if  detachable Eyewear will be his signature style as he rebrands his eyewear creations?

Montgomery Eyewear

Montgomery Eyewear 2

Justin’s new venture in collaboration with a few others will be called Montgomery Eyewear. With over 30 years as an established optician, Justin will bring to the table an excellent understanding of optics, frame styling. With his sense of creativity and manufacturing he will bring unique design and quality.

Montgomery Eyewear is not fully opened for business but we are looking forward to see the future. We can’t wait to see what is happening next.



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