Denim is becoming a strong trend in the eyewear accessory look. X-IDE has taken on the denim challenge with a new look. For 2015-16 the creative team has chosen to present it in two versions for this season: affixed to the top rim or sewn on the temples. Particularly noteworthy are the types of denim chosen to interpret two of the five variants presented: floral printed denim for the C5 and glittery denim, an absolute first in our industry, for the C1 model.

X-ide nespola c5
C5 Floral Motif
Xide Nespola
Glittery denim

Transparent resin used to coat a metal core is another outstanding feature of the style Prugna. This stylistic ploy considerably enhances the internal structure of the frame – a fine metal plate with laser cut motifs – and its colours.

X-ide prugna c2
Prugna C2
XIDE Prugna
X-ide Prugna

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