July 5, 2012 – Valley View, Ohio –Nanofilm is now offering resealable pouches of Defog It anti fog in a compact, eye-catching point-of-sale display.  The display features a die-cut profile and bold graphics to attract customer attention and fits easily on a dispensing table or check-out counter.

It holds 25 Defog It resealable pouches, each containing one dry cloth that’s good for up to 20 anti fog applications on any lens, including anti-reflective coatings, as well as safety or sports eyewear. Users just open the pouch, apply, slide the cloth back in the pouch and zip it closed.

“There’s widespread consumer interest in anti fog right now. The new 20-use Defog It in the resealable pouch is a convenient, high-performance anti fog. The new point-of-sale display makes it easy for eyecare professionals to spotlight a proven product,” says Jodi Groh, Director of Marketing for Nanofilm, maker of Defog It.


Two 25-count Defog It displays are included in each shipper.  Defog It is also available in other assortments, including 3-packs of 10-use cloths in a reusable plastic case, bulk towelettes, and a Defog It liquid kit. There are also other point-of-sale display options.  More information, pricing, case studies and performance videos are available at www.defogitworks.com or from 1-888-ENDS-FOG.


First used by the military worldwide, Defog It is the high-performance fog-prevention choice where heat, humidity, cold and changing temperature causes fogged eyewear.

Rigorous lab testing confirms the real-world results.  In one test, a lens treated with Defog It was held over constant hot steam for 60 minutes without fog forming. Similar products failed in as little as 5 minutes.  In another test, lenses coated with Clarity Defog It were moved between cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming.

About Defog It (www.defogitworks.com) Defog It anti fog is available as a liquid or reusable cloths. First used by the military, it is now the anti fog of choice when heat, humidity, cold, changing temperature and exertion can cause fogged eyewear.

About Nanofilm (www.nanofilmproducts.com)   Founded in 1985, Nanofilm is the maker of Clarity Defog It and a global optical leader in lens care and coatings.  Millions of people around the world use Nanofilm products, including Clarity Clean It™, Clarity Defog It™ and other lens care products, as well as nanotechnology-enabled coatings.