PETACH TIKVA, Israel, 2017; Deep Optics, the inventor and pioneer of proprietary and patent-pending liquid crystal (LC) electronic lens technology unveiled its tunable lens technology for the AR and VR markets at AWE 2017.  The technology will be in action for the first time, with the company offering interactive demos of its customized lenses with leading HMD (head-mounted display) systems.

Deep Optics’ tunable lens transforms any AR/VR optics into an auto-focusing system by enabling the realization of a real dynamic focal plane. This unique technology creates a more vivid, comfortable and immersive 3D experience and alleviates negative side effects usually associated with augmented or virtual reality, such as blurred vision, headaches, or queasiness. Such discomfort is caused in current VR/AR devices, because virtual objects (e.g. holograms) are displayed at different virtual distances from the viewer and the device’s projecting system uses static optics that are unable to synchronize the optical signal with the varying distances.

Yariv Haddad, Co-founder and CEO of Deep Optics, said, “We’re excited to demonstrate our AR/VR auto-focus solution at the show. Our tunable lenses dynamically change their focal power and position, allowing us to effectively cover a large field-of-view, a critical requirement from AR/VR HMDs. Visitors will be able to try out the superior augmented reality experience for themselves in different headsets.”

Haddad continued, “Our aim is to continue our partnerships with tier-1 players in the AR/VR market and introduce products powered by our lenses in 2018.”

About Deep Optics

Deep Optics is an Israeli start-up and developer of innovative electronic lenses technology, with a mission to transform the world of vision correction, and lead the era of adaptive eye glasses. The company has developed a cutting-edge liquid-crystal (LC) based lenses technology, addressing the growing need for dynamic vision correction, primarily in the multibillion dollar markets of progressive glasses and augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Deep Optics’ tunable lenses will enable, for the first time, the realization of glasses that can automatically change their optical prescriptions based upon the user’s distance of interest.

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