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Men worldwide have embraced eyewear as a fashion accessory that allows them to add instant style in a moment. There are options beyond measure today in eyewear frames that will let any man develop a “wardrobe for the eyes.” Frames for prescription eyewear no longer have to be unstylish, while sunglasses and such will always allow the wearer to express their personal style as they please. Here are the trends to watch this fashion season:


Natural materials are now being used as fashion components for eyewear frames, such materials always appealing to men. Wood, wicker, and leather are all possibilities. And accents of nature, such as flowers or animal skin, will always be noticed, whether actually on the frame, or embossed on the fashionable case in which a man might carry his eyewear.

Intricate Etch

Etching the frame with intricate patterns works well, especially for men. Look for a artist’s touch, down to the finest details, in the patterns. Sloppiness in the etching is simply not allowed.

Visual Texture

For men, there’ll be a extra feel to the newest eyewear, with the use of seldom-used materials (metal twisted like rope), or textures (raised bumps).

Old Things

Classic frames, like the Wayfarer, return as a hot retro-look for men, but in fresh colors — look for horn and amber, but be sure to keep an eye out for those frames in the classic black or tortoise-shell colors.


A style that might be called ‘Athlete’ will win for men this year. We’re talking a streamlined wrap-around with a sleek smooth temple, and with small logos, both jeweled and not jeweled.


If eyewear must be luxurious, let it whisper rather than shout. For men, look for slight frames with subtle adornments of crystals, beads, and small colorful jewels. A man can go bolder with a buckle treatment, or embedded chains and hinges, highlighted with miniscule crystals.


Those eyewear frames for men that used to be rectangular, and even square, will now loop, swerve, and swoop. A laser or geometric cut-out will dramatize an angular frame of metal, as will split temples. Lenses that float will provide an ethereal contrast to the sharp-edged forms with such strong metallic foundations.


Mysterious dark colors move to the front for men. Look for blacked-out or mirrored lenses, or those with gradients from light to dark. It’s now fashionable for men to have sunglasses that seem one-piece, with the color of the frame matching the color of the lenses. Accents of wire or metal, as mentioned above, will add to the look of mystery and intrigue.


The new Shield style for men is popping up all around the fashion world, in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The frame’s bridge is more detailed, and the colors are bold and bright. In contrast to the Incognito trend, tones are very different between the lenses and the frame. The style also includes both translucent and white frames, with lenses that are slightly tinted, or not tinted at all.

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