Shirley's new Costa 580 RX Sunglasses
Shirley’s new Costa 580 RX Sunglasses

I have been wearing Costa 580™ color enhancing lenses for many years now, mainly plano glass for outdoor activities especially as I live right on the coast and there is often a lot of glare off the ocean. I just recently received my progressive Costa 580™ Rx sunglasses and have been wearing them outside for sports instead as I really need my RX in order to see the tennis ball!

The Costa team selected the perfect frame for me and their exclusive progressive design C-SCAPE™, Waypoint™ digital processing and Costa 580™ patented technology. The frame, Manta MT is a little smaller than what I have been wearing and I find it more comfortable especially with the added lightness of the polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are copper with a silver mirror coating which is very attractive as well as functional.

Costa 580 RX Manta
Costa 580 RX Manta

I have finally come to like polycarbonate sunglasses. For years I have been a die hard glass person but mainly because of the Costa 580™ technology and the eye fatigue advantage they provided. I believe I am representative of many baby boomers who have been reluctant to change to progressive sunglasses but technology now can overcome all of the obstacles and maybe these reluctant baby boomers can be converted with a little persuasion.

Costa has been a big supporter of the independent optical practitioner and the environment. Their partner program is for both Rx and non Rx.