CooperVision unveiled its LensLocator,, which, according to the company, is a first of its kind online tool that allows doctors to easily search across CooperVision’s extensive portfolio of contact lenses to identify the most appropriate choices in seconds rather than several minutes.

To help kick off the new site, CooperVision will be donating a dollar to New Eyes for the Needy for each unique visitor to, up to $5,000. Endorsed by the American Academy of Optometry, New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit volunteer organization that helps improve vision by providing new and recycled eyeglasses to children and adults worldwide.

Doctors simply enter a patient’s specific prescription or any component of a prescription, such as sphere power, cylinder power, axis, ADD, modality, and wear schedule into the LensLocator fields and then click on the search button. The tool automatically scans the entire CooperVision portfolio, ranging from spheres to multifocal toric lenses, and identifies options that contain all of the necessary information practitioners need to fit the patient. The site also provides a direct link to MyCooperVision, the company’s secure e-commerce site, so that doctors can immediately place an order for the lenses.

The site will work on Web-capable smart phones and devices, allowing eye care professionals to access a comprehensive list of CooperVision products while moving through a busy office, after hours, or off-site. The LensLocator is also accessible through CooperVision’s practitioner website, There, eye care professionals will also find an extensive range of resources for building their practices, including inventory and profitability calculators.