Converse launches its Glow-In-The-Dark sunglasses as its latest addition to the brand’s eyewear collection with partner REM Eyewear. In the daylight, these

Converse Eyewear by REM

unconventional frames have the appearance of frosted ice, with dark 100% UV lenses. While you soak up the sun during the day, they soak up the light, powering-up for their night time light show. When the sun sets or things go dark, the optical illusion begins: the frames of these unique glasses emit a captivating pale citrus glow. In the bar, at a concert, at a party or prowling the city streets: it is time to wear your sunglasses at night.

These glowing glasses come in two unisex styles: The Half Stack, an oversized, modified aviator and the Line Up, a classic traditional rectangle shape, both crafted from hand-milled phosphorescent acetate. Converse Glow-In-The-Dark sunglasses are a must-have for anyone on the cutting edge who wants to own the next big thing, FIRST. These unique head-turning shades are guaranteed to be on the top of trendsetters’ wish list this holiday season.