When it comes to deciding what age is right for kids to start wearing contact lenses, there is no one right answer. If you ask the kids, they’ll say they are old enough now, no matter how old they are. And depending on the maturity level of the child, many eye doctors may be inclined to agree that children as young as 8 years old may be ready for the responsibility of wearing contact lenses.

Typically, nearsightedness (able to see near objects, but not those farther away) begins to show up between the ages of 8 and 16. Many parents who experienced nearsightedness will remember that getting contacts at such an early age was not an option. Contacts were not considered healthy or appropriate for children before their teens, and for many, contacts were a rite of passage at or near the end of high school.

But advances in contact lens design combined with research involving children as young as 8 years old is now leading many eye care professionals to prescribe contact lenses for younger patients. Read the full story from Empowerher.