A new contact lens case company called www.lensdatecase.com was  on Kickstarter and successfully raised their funds. Here is what they say:

We are passionate about designing and making products that challenge and improve on everyday objects that we take for granted. There’s nothing better than taking a problem and solving it by optimising an everyday item.

Why redesign the contacts lens case?

As anyone who wears disposable contact lenses (weekly, 2 weeks or 1 month) will know that a big problem is remembering when to change the lenses. The cue to change is often when they get painful! Clearly not ideal when the health of your eyes is at stake.

Features of the Lens Date Case

  • A reminder of when to change your lenses where it matters most: on the case. With a simple 2 wheel movement that sets either the date you started wearing them or when to change them: outer ring goes clockwise to set the day and inner ring anticlockwise to set the month.
  • Premium Quality and Design: The case is ergonomic, of high quality, with a premium feel and great finish. All designed and manufactured locally in the USA.

Read more about them on Kickstarter