Biosyntrx = This response is from Steve Mister, the president of the Washington, D.C. Council for Responsible Nutrition.

“The media circus surrounding the latest issue of Consumer Reports implicates the entire aisle of mainstream dietary supplements based on 12 ingredients that combined make up less than 1% of the marketplace. Yet given the attention, one would think these 12 herbs represent the mainstream dietary supplement aisle at your neighborhood pharmacy. They do not.

Consumers Report even identifies 11 products consumers should consider, including vitamin D, fish oil, cranberry and calcium. More than 65% of American adults take dietary supplements — from multivitamins to fiber to glucosamine — because strong science demonstrates their healthful effects.

Industry critics are quick to call for new laws. Why are these suspect ingredients still on the market? Truth is, the Food and Drug Administration already has ample authority to regulate this industry. What it needs to do is use it. Look how quickly it removed a popular weight-loss product last year, and how aggressively it targeted false cures for H1N1 influenza. FDA can seize adulterated supplements, detain questionable ingredients at the border, ban products that pose significant risks of injury or illness, and use criminal sanctions of the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act to prosecute those who market unsafe supplements.

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