Carry ON

What I like best about CocoSong is the colors. Almost anyone can wear the shape and that said, the hard part is choosing color and temple decor. The summer 2017 new styles are layered with detail and tints.

The Carry On and Nobody Away models stand out thanks to their colours and decorative details. Carry On has a delicate feather which rests on silk among the layers of acetate of the front and temples, while beautiful dried flowers adorn the frame on the second. Both models are complemented by semi-precious stones or enamelled metal plaques inserted into the frames.

Nobody Away
Excited Evening

The temples of the Excited Evening model show off a semi-precious stone set in an enamelled decoration with two dragons, an elegant symbol of strength and good fortune that completes this finely crafted frame. The same inspiration is found in the Beautiful Thing model, which presents a fresher and lighter decoration however: a detail in two-tone enamelled metal that evokes the scales of the imperial dragon and gives a refined exotic flavour to the frame.

Carry On
Beautiful Thing

Via Area98