San Luis Obispo, CA ‐ Live Eyewear, the world’s leading manufacturer of eyewear designed to be worn over corrective glasses, has announced that the company’s signature brand of fit‐over sunglasses, Cocoons®, will be available with amber Polaré® polarized lenses that feature a green mirror coat in the 2014 collection. The new lens option is designed to reflect additional glare while enhancing the high contrast nature of the amber lens tint.

Cocoons Green Mirror_Model C422R

Dave Dean, Vice President of Marketing, says, “The green mirror is a tried and true favorite of many outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially those that enjoy fishing in the shallow waters of ocean flats where spotting the fish through intense glare is critical. The intensity of glare reflected off the water’s surface is severe and the combination of our 100% polarized amber lenses with the new green mirror will provide anglers with exceptional glare protection and keep them on the water longer with minimal eye strain.”

Dean adds, “In addition to helping reduce glare, the green mirror adds a touch of style for those that want to minimize the fact that they are wearing sunglasses over their corrective eyewear. The mirror coat delivers a subtle reflective surface that is not excessively bold, but provides enough reflection to prevent others from seeing your prescription eyewear behind the Cocoons lenses.” The new amber polarized lenses with green mirror finish will deliver heightened contrast performance in variable light conditions and 15% light transmission.

Live Eyewear is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California with sales offices throughout the world. The company’s renowned OveRx® sunwear brand, Cocoons®, is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with comfort, convenience and quality. Cocoons sunglasses can be found nationwide at better quality sporting goods stores and from eyecare professionals. Live Eyewear’s focus on innovation in fit‐over sunwear design resulted in the first ever sunglass collection designed to be worn over prescription eyewear that eliminated the need for independent side shields; Vistana®. For more information, contact Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 or visit our website at